Keurig K-Duo Vs Keurig K-Cafe : What’s The Difference

Keurig K-Duo Vs Keurig K-Cafe: Keurig, a leading company in the single-cup brewing systems that are used in homes and offices throughout the world, offers only two commercial coffee makers named K-Duo and K-Cafe. But then what is the difference between these two machines? What if you’re new to Keurig products and using one at an office or business place? Are there any noticeable differences between them? Or is there no difference at all?

Keurig K-Duo 

The Keurig K-Duo coffee maker is a new machine that was introduced in early 2019 by Keurig. It’s a combination machine that allows you to brew both coffee and tea using the same machine. It comes with two separate water reservoirs so you can switch between brewing a cup of coffee or tea without having to refill your reservoir.

This model is similar to other Keurig models, so it has the same features as other brewers such as adjustable temperature control and a removable drip tray. The machine also has a built-in water filter which removes impurities from your water before brewing your beverage.

Keurig K-Cafe 

Keurig K-Duo Vs Keurig K-Cafe

Keurig K-Cafe has been around for a few years now, but it still remains one of the most popular single serve coffee makers on the market today. This is because it offers users a lot of different options when it comes to brewing their favorite drink. You can choose from different sized cups, regular or decaf coffee, hot cocoa or tea as well as brew sizes between 4oz and 15oz.

The machine also has an auto shut off feature that will turn off after 2 hours if there is no water in the reservoir or if no brew button has been pressed during this time frame. The only real downside to this machine is that it takes longer to brew than some other models out there today.

The Keurig K-Cafe has a larger water reservoir than the Keurig K-Duo (50 oz vs 25 oz). This means it takes less time to refill after brewing each cup of coffee or tea. The Keurig K-Cafe doesn’t have as many options for customizing.

Compare Keurig K-Duo and Keurig K-Cafe

Keurig K-Duo and Keurig K-Cafe are coffee makers from the same company. However, they are two different machines with unique features. Keurig K-Duo brews both hot and cold beverages while Keurig K-Cafe only brews hot beverages. Keurig K-Cafe has a larger water tank than Keurig K-Duo and it can be used for brewing tea as well as coffee.


The Keurig K-Duo is 12 x 12 x 14 inches while its counterpart, the Keurig K-Cafe is 13 x 13 x 15 inches in size. This makes it easy for you to find space for either one of these brewers on your countertop or kitchen cabinet without much hassle at all. Both models come with touch screen displays that allow you to control various aspects of the brewing process.

Color choices

Both come in different colors such as black, white and red. These colors look beautiful on each machine and make it look attractive in your kitchen. While Keurig K-Cafe only comes in black color, Keurig K-Duo also offers multiple colors including white, red, blue and more.

Cup Sizes

The Keurig K-Cafe is larger than the K-Duo because it has room for more cups on its warming plate. It can hold up to 12 cups of coffee at once while the K-Duo only holds 6. The Keurig K-Duo has an 8 oz reservoir which means it can hold up to 6 standard sized cups (8 oz) worth of water.

Single Serve

The single serve Keurig K-Duo has a smaller water tank than the Keurig K-Cafe, so it is more portable. The Keurig K-Cafe is also a single serve brewer, but it offers an entirely different experience than the other two brewers.

The single serve Keurig K-Duo is easier to use than the single serve Keurig cafe because it does not have as many buttons on its control panel. There are just three buttons on this brewer (power, brew size and brew button), which means that you don’t need to know what function does what before using it for the first time or after losing your manual somewhere.

Auto off/on

The Keurig K-Cafe also has an automatic off feature which helps save energy while it’s not being used. The Keurig K-Duo has an Auto Off/On feature that allows you to set when you want your machine to turn on or off automatically based on your schedule or activity level.

This is great if you want to set your machine up on a timer so that it turns off when you’re not using it during certain times of day or days of the week. For example, if you know that you’ll be gone all day at work but will be home late in the evening, then you could program your machine to come on at 5 pm every day and shut off at midnight every night.

Pods or Grounds

The Keurig K-Duo offers more flexibility because it can brew both types of coffee, while the K-Cafe cannot brew anything other than pods (including tea bags). If you prefer ground coffee over pods, then the Duo might be a better choice for you than the Cafe. However, if you’re looking for an all-inclusive machine that will make both types of coffee without requiring any additional equipment, then the K-Cafe may be worth considering instead.

Removable Water Reservoirs

Keurig K-Cafe has a removable water reservoir that’s much bigger than the one on the K-Duo. It can hold up to 80 ounces of water (2.4 L). This is great because it means fewer refills and less time spent waiting for your drink to be ready. It also means you don’t have to deal with spilling water all over your kitchen counter when trying to pour it into the machine! The downside is that it’s harder to clean since there’s more space inside where dirt can hide and grow bacteria over time if not properly washed after every use.

The water reservoir on the K-Duo doesn’t come off completely like on the K-Cafe, so it’s easier to clean because there are no hidden spaces inside where dirt can accumulate over time. However, you still need to wash it out after every use.

Removable Drip Trays

You can remove the drip tray from the Keurig K-Cafe machine, but not from the Keurig K-Duo. This means that if you want to clean it out after making coffee (or any other beverage), you’ll need to take it apart first and then clean it manually. The removable drip tray also makes it easier for you to fill up your mug or glass with hot water for tea or hot chocolate without having to wait for the machine to heat up again.

Strong Brew Option

Keurig K-Cafe offers a strong brew option. This means that you can select an extra strong cup of coffee or tea, which is ideal if you like your beverages extra strong. If you prefer your coffee or tea on the weaker side, then this feature isn’t going to be very useful for you.

Indicator Lights

The LCD display on the Keurig K-Cafe has an indicator light that shows when it’s time to descale or clean your brewer. The display also lets you know when there’s no water left in your reservoir so you can refill it before brewing another cup of coffee. The LCD screen on the Keurig K-Duo doesn’t have any indicator lights at all — it only displays how much liquid is left in your reservoir as well as how many cups are remaining before needing more water added to it.

Both models have indicator lights on their front panels, but they work slightly differently. Keurig K-Cafe: There are three indicator lights on each side panel of the Keurig K-Cafe – one for brew strength (light blue), one for water fill level (light orange), and one for power status (light green).

Which one should you buy?

Keurig K-Cafe and K-Duo are two of the most advanced coffee maker machines from Keurig. They are specially designed to brew coffee and tea of different varieties. They both come with a variety of options to choose from, but there are some differences between them that makes one stand out over the other.

Keurig K-Cafe is a premium coffee maker machine that comes with a variety of features such as programmable settings, temperature control, etc. It has a digital display screen that displays the temperature and brewing time along with other information such as selection and quantity of cup size being brewed.

On the other hand, Keurig K-Duo comes with an LCD screen that shows all kinds of information related to the brewing process like time remaining for the brewing or heating up the process or any other error messages if there are any present. Keurig K-Cafe comes with two separate reservoirs for water and ground coffee which allows you to use any kind of beverage that you want without having to worry about changing them frequently if they run out of supply during the process of the brewing process.

The water reservoir in the Keurig K-Duo can hold up to 90 ounces of water at a time. This gives you enough space to brew two cups of coffee or tea without having to refill it constantly. The K-Duo comes with a removable drip tray that makes cleaning up after use extremely easy. It also makes storing your device much easier because you can leave the tray out while using it and then put it away when not in use.

Keurig K-Cafe doesn’t have any hot water option like on the K-Duo above. This means that if you want hot water for anything other than tea or coffee then you will need to purchase an external unit separately.

The End of Keurig K-Duo Vs Keurig K-Cafe

The best choice will likely depend on your needs as a coffee drinker, and what you’re looking for from a single serve brewing machine. What’s more, many consumers will have their own preferences as well. In other words, don’t be afraid to try out multiple options if you can. There’s no guarantee that one particular product won’t have a feature that strikes your fancy.