Keurig K Compact Single Serve Coffee Maker Best Review And Manual

The Keurig K Compact Single Serve Brewing System was designed as an eco-friendly way to enjoy your morning cup of coffee with or without all the accessories you want to add such as milk and sugar. This wonderful little machine is shipped in a nicely designed box that is sure to be appreciated by anyone who cares about good presentation.

There isn’t anyone out there who can say that coffee doesn’t taste great and isn’t a huge part of the morning routine for many people.

Keurig K Compact Review

If you want to be able to make a simple cup of coffee in a matter of seconds, then this is the machine for you. It’s very small, so it’s perfect for offices, dorms, and even RVs. It’s called the K Compact precisely because it’s so compact.

It’s only 9 inches wide, so it won’t take up much counter space or space in your storage cabinets. You can pour in regular or travel mugs—there are no limitations on the size of mug that you can use with this machine. It also has its own cord storage, so when you’re done with it you won’t have to deal with a long cord hanging out everywhere! The Keurig K Compact is incredibly simple to use. You simply lift the handle, insert your cup, and close the handle. The machine will automatically read what size cup you have inserted and dispense your drink accordingly. If you want to put larger mugs in the machine, there is an option that allows you to override the automatic function and control how much water you want dispensed yourself by pressing a button on top of the machine.

This button is located just above where the water reservoir would be if it was attached to this model (it isn’t here). 

The Keurig K Compact is a great single serve coffee maker and it’s the least expensive model in their new line of slim coffee makers. We think it’s the best choice for most people. If you don’t feel like reading the full review, then here’s a quick summary: It makes a cup of coffee pretty quickly – even with cold water The coffee taste was very good The user interface is easy to use and to clean We liked how small it is for being able to save counter space As far as drawbacks go, we only found one real issue with this machine and that’s the fact that it doesn’t have a water filter.


This review is on the Keurig K compact single serve coffee maker. In the box you get the coffee machine, a water filter handle, a water filter cartridge and a user guide. The dimensions of the Keurig K compact are 11.7 inches tall, 8.3 inches wide and 12.1 inches from front to back. So this is one of the smaller Keurig models that they have available, it’s very compact and it has a really nice small footprint so if you’re in an apartment or dorm room or something like that this would be a perfect size for you.

This model is available in three different colors: black, red and white. And it works with all of Keurigs k cup pods so there’s over 200 varieties of coffee tea cocoa specialty and even iced beverages that you can choose from. The features on the Keurig K compact include the removable drip tray which makes cleanup a breeze and allows for easy filling of travel mugs up to 7 inches tall.


The dimensions of this brewer are 13.9 x 10 x 13 inches and it weighs 7 pounds.

Keurig K Compact Single Serve Coffee Brewer is a small and compact version of the Keurig coffee machines. It is the slimmest Keurig machine so far and it is very lightweight as well. The machine has been designed with space in mind and it can fit into your kitchen counter easily. It has a small footprint and will not take much space at all. The size of the brewer makes it very portable and you can carry it around with ease. This is one of the best features of this machine, as many other coffee brewers are bulky and hard to carry around. The Keurig K Compact Single Serve Coffee Brewer has a small water reservoir which can hold anywhere between 6-10 ounces of water depending on what type of drink you want to brew.

This means that you will have to refill the water tank every time you want to make a cup of coffee or tea, but this should not be a problem as long as you keep an eye on the level of water in the reservoir. The Keurig K Compact Single Serve Coffee Brewer also comes with an auto shut off feature which automatically shuts down the machine after an hour or two if there is no water left in the reservoir.

This helps conserve energy and power, but you will still need.

Brewing Options

The Keurig K Compact gives you the option of brewing an 6, 8, or 10-ounce cup of coffee. That’s typical for these machines and should be enough for most people. I’m a little picky, however, and I like my coffee to be pretty strong, so I prefer a 16-ounce mug (I think it’s the same size as Starbucks’ grande). If you’re like me, don’t worry—you can always brew one cup at a time, or even add water to your 8- or 10-ounce cup.

Also, if you want to fill a travel mug or carafe with coffee, this machine can help too: just remove the drip tray and place the container of your choice under the spout instead. The Keurig K Mini Plus uses both K-Cup pods and loose ground coffee. It’s not common for single serve machines to support both options—most only use K-Cups—but this one does.

The default brew size is 6 ounces which is the best for the included K-Cup pods. If you want to change the brew volume, you can follow the steps below: Place a mug on the drip tray. Press the “Brew” button to turn on the machine. The LCD screen will show “6 oz” (or your current volume). Press “Brew” repeatedly to cycle through sizes until you reach your desired size.

Water Reservoir Capacity

The water reservoir capacity is the amount of water it can hold. The Keurig K Compact has a 40-ounce water reservoir capacity. A large water reservoir capacity means that you can brew many cups of coffee without having to refill the reservoir. This is a great advantage if you are making coffee for more than one person, or if you don’t want to have to refill the reservoir every time you want a cup of coffee. If you’re looking for a coffee maker with a large water reservoir capacity, we recommend getting one with at least 50-ounces of water reservoir capacity.

Auto Off Feature

The Keurig K Compact Single Serve Coffee Maker comes with an auto off feature that is meant to conserve power. The brewer will cut off automatically after 90 seconds of not being used, which is a good way to save electricity and make sure that your machine is not overheating. Though this feature is great, there are a few cons to it as well. If you happen to be in the middle of brewing a cup of coffee and the machine shuts off, you will have to start all over again, which can waste valuable time in the morning rush.

You might also find it annoying if you have your hands full, or are carrying something around the kitchen and you accidentally hit the brew button and have to stop what you’re doing to unplug the machine so it doesn’t turn on and burn out faster than necessary. 

The Auto Off feature lets you program your brewing machine to turn off after a specified amount of time. This is convenient if you want to program it just before going to bed or leaving the house in the morning. The display shows you how much time is left until the machine shuts down. To set up the Auto Off feature, first press “Settings” from the main menu. Then select “Auto On/Off” from the Settings screen and press “OK”. Next choose whether you would like to turn the feature on or off by pressing “OK” again. Then use the four arrow buttons located at the bottom of the screen to select a time for it to turn off anywhere from 0-4 hours after use.

Removable Drip Tray

One of the highlights of the Keurig K Compact is its removable drip tray. The removable drip tray makes cleanup easy and provides options for larger cups and travel mugs. The drip tray can be removed for easy cleaning either by hand or in your dishwasher. Also, if you want to use larger cups or travel mugs, the drip tray can be removed to accommodate them.

Power Levels

The Keurig K Compact has a number of excellent features worthy of mention. It has the ability to brew single cups of coffee that are either six, eight or ten ounces in size. In addition, it also has the capacity to make an entire pot of coffee at once. It can make up to thirty-two ounces at one time, which is approximately four mugs full of coffee. The brewing process can also be stopped and restarted at any time. This function prevents the machine from pouring boiling hot coffee onto the counter top and makes it easier to pour a cup into a travel mug without having to wait for the entire pot to be brewed.

In addition, this Keurig K Compact has the ability to brew stronger coffee or weaker coffee according to the user’s preferences. This is done by simply pressing a button on the side of the machine and adjusting a dial on the front panel so that it reads either “strong” or “weak.” If you want your coffee extra strong, all you need to do is set the dial on “strong” and your next cup will be as strong as you would like it to be.


The Keurig K Compact Single Serve Coffee Maker is the perfect choice for buyers looking for a compact and affordable coffee maker. It is one of the most affordable coffee makers on the market today. Despite its affordable price, it still packs all the great features of a Keurig coffee maker.

It comes with a removable 40-ounce water reservoir that can brew up to 5 cups of coffee before it needs to be refilled. This is a very convenient feature that allows you to get more cups of coffee out of each filling. The reservoir lid also has a removable handle which makes it more comfortable to refill the water tank. The K Compact also comes with Auto-Off technology which automatically turns off your brewer after two hours of inactivity. This is a great safety feature, especially if you have kids who love playing with buttons. With this safety feature, you never have to worry about leaving your brewer on and causing a fire! Another great feature of this product is its indicator lights which tell you when your brewer needs descaling or when it’s time to add water to the reservoir.

There are three indicator lights: Ready Light (green), Add Water (yellow), and Descaling (orange). The ready light turns on whenever the brewer has reached its optimal brewing temperature.

Keurig K Compact Single Serve Coffee Maker is small and versatile. It is an ideal coffee maker for a small kitchen, office or dorm room. This single serve coffee maker brews your favorite K-Cup pod with the push of a button. It has three cup sizes to choose from 6 oz., 8 oz., and 10 oz. Thus, you can brew a cup of coffee with the size you need.


The Keurig K Compact is a great little machine if you want to make your workday more convenient with a quick cup of Keurig coffee. The big drawback on this model is the lack of features and accessories. It’s really just designed to make single-serve cups, so if you want something more versatile, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Another possible downside is that it does not offer a very wide selection of flavors. It’s mostly about the brand names such as Green Mountain and Starbucks, which are great, but if you’re looking for a broader range of flavors and brands, you may want to consider another option.

Things to Know About the Keurig K-Compact

Keurig K-Compact

Here are the things you need to know about the Keurig K Compact. What is it? The Keurig K-Compact is an automatic, single serve coffee maker. The machine utilizes a drip system to brew, similar to a traditional Mr. Coffee. In this case, however, the water is contained in a reservoir and the grounds are placed in a pod. This cuts down on mess and makes cleanup a breeze. How does it work? The K-Compact uses pressurized water. The water is heated up to near boiling and then forced through the pod and into your cup by way of a high pressure pump system.

This method allows for rich, flavorful coffee without having to use large amounts of grounds. How much does it cost? The Keurig K Compact costs anywhere from $50 to $100 depending on where you buy it. If you purchase directly from Keurig, there is free shipping which saves you money over buying in stores where you will have to pay shipping or tax as well. You can also find great deals online with retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart and Costco. Their prices may differ slightly but not much more than $2 either way so they all offer great value if you shop around.

Keurig K Compact Alternatives

There are plenty of alternatives to the Keurig K Compact Single Serve Coffee Maker if you’re not interested in this model. Here are some other great options:

Keurig K-Mini

Keurig K-Mini

The Keurig K-Mini is one of the smallest coffee makers on the market, perfect for those with limited kitchen space. This single-serve machine brews a 6-, 8-, or 10-ounce cup at the touch of a button and uses K-Cup pods to make coffee, tea, iced beverages, and more. The design is simple, with just a few buttons for user input and an LED display that shows you information about the brewing process. The machine comes in four colors: black, red, white, and silver. It brews fast and is easy to clean. The water reservoir holds enough water for one cup of coffee, so it’s best for individuals or couples who just want one cup at a time.

There’s no need for a carafe, so you can save counter space by removing all but the machine itself from view when not in use. The only real downside is its smaller size means it can’t accommodate larger cups or travel mugs – only standard disposable coffee cups are recommended because they fit better under the spout. You will also have to buy your own filters if you want to use ground coffee beans instead of pre-packaged pods – but this isn’t really a con since most people prefer using.

Keurig K-Select

Keurig K-Select

A robust Keurig coffee maker, the K-Select is a simple and stylish single-serve coffee maker with a wide range of features. Designed for both home and office use, the K-Select can brew more than enough cups to keep everyone happy. It can produce six, eight or ten ounces of coffee with just a touch of a button.

The K-Select has a large enough water reservoir to make up to five cups of coffee at once, making it ideal for larger groups. The K-Select comes in four different colors – blue, red, black and white. This is an impressive feature that allows you to select from several different styles when shopping for your new coffee machine. If you like the look of the black version, but want something a little different, then you can just choose the red model instead. Each choice offers a slightly different look and feel for your new machine. You should also take into account how much space you have available for your new kitchen appliance.

The K-Select offers an excellent selection of sizes from which to choose. You do need to remember that the larger models will require more counter space in order to accommodate them properly. Even though these machines are very compact, they still need some room so that they will.

Keurig K Compact Manual and User Guide

When you’re looking for a compact and easy to use coffee maker, the Keurig K Compact Coffee Maker is the touch-button machine for you. This machine has a range of features that make it super easy to use, and you’ll be able to enjoy fresh coffee in just three simple steps. With a removable drip tray and a water reservoir that holds 48 ounces of liquid, you’ll be able to brew up to 6 cups of coffee before emptying it.

The Keurig K Compact Coffee Maker is designed to be used with any size K Cup pod, so you can choose from an assortment of different coffee blends to find your favorite flavor. This coffee maker also comes with one K Cup pod sample pack, so you can try out different coffees right away.

Keurig K Compact only takes 3 steps to start brewing: 1) Fill the 48 ounce water reservoir with water 2) Place the mug or travel mug on the drip tray 3) Insert your favorite K Cup pod into the machine and press the brew button. The Keurig K Compact Coffee Maker will heat up quickly, and within 2 minutes you’ll have a piping hot cup of Joe!


The Keurig K Compact is worth considering if you would like a small, one-touch coffee maker. It has many of the features that people love about Keurig machines and can brew up to 10 ounces of coffee per cup. The K Compact allows you to make hot and cold beverages for a fraction of the cost of going out for coffee every day.

This Keurig K Compact can produce your favorite drinks in minutes. You will know exactly what ingredients are in each beverage as you will be brewing it at home with fresh ingredients. The Keurig K Compact is great for college students, single people, traveling, or anyone else who wants a coffee maker that is easy to use. The machine is also available in red and black color options. If you want to make coffee for one person or a few people, the K Compact can accommodate your needs. Is the Keurig K Compact right for you? We hope our review has helped answer some questions on this popular single serve coffee maker!