Keurig K-Mini Troubleshooting: All Problems And Their Easy Solutions

Did you recently purchase a Keurig K-Mini and start experiencing issues with your unit? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a troubleshooting guide that detailed the most common problems faced by the users of the Keurig Mini, along with their solutions? Well, your wait is over. This article offers a detailed guide to troubleshoot your Keurig Mini.

Keurig K-Mini Troubleshooting and Fixes

Keurig K-Mini is one of the finest coffee makers in the market. They are very much user friendly and save a lot of time. There are various models of Keurig, but here we will discuss the Keurig Mini troubleshooting. It is a model that comes with a single cup brewing system and has found its place in many households. There is no doubt that it’s the best pick for your personal use, but like any other machine, it does have some issues that you should know about.

To help you fix Keurig K-Mini, we have created a list of the most common issues, together with detailed instructions and step-by-step tutorials. If your Keurig Mini is not working, or simply stops in the middle of brewing, you can easily solve that issue by following the simple tips outlined below.

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Problem 1: Keurig Mini Isn’t Working

Keurig Mini isn’t working? It’s not just you. All coffee machines come with their own unique set of problems. The good news is that most of these problems are pretty easy to fix and don’t require any special tools or anything.

Case 1: Keurig Mini Isn’t Working when it is turned on:

If your Keurig is plugged in but it won’t turn on, there are a few things that you can do to troubleshoot. First, check the power outlet to make sure that it’s working. Then, unplug the Keurig and plug it back in to reset it. If these don’t work, check your fuse box to see if a fuse needs to be replaced.

Case 2: Keurig Mini Isn’t Working when it is brewing:

If your Keurig isn’t brewing correctly, you may need to descale it using a white vinegar solution. You can also remove the water reservoir and clean the area where the needle pierces the K-cup to remove any coffee grounds.

Case 3: Keurig Mini Isn’t Working when you add water:

If you’re having trouble adding water, check that the water reservoir hasn’t been removed while there was still a K-cup inside of the machine. If this is happening, you can use a paper clip or safety pin to poke the needle through so that the reservoir can be removed.

Case 4: Keurig Mini Isn’t Working when it doesn’t brew enough coffee:

If your Keurig isn’t making as much coffee as it used to, the water reservoir may be to blame. If you have a large family or a lot of Keurig users at your place of business, you may need to fill the water reservoir more often. Check the water level and add more water if needed.

Case 5: Keurig Mini Isn’t Working When it doesn’t brew hot enough:

If your Keurig isn’t brewing hot enough, you may need to wait for it to warm up after turning it on. You can also use a thermometer to measure the temperature of the water in your machine; if it’s not getting above 195 degrees Fahrenheit, you should contact Keurig support for assistance. A third possibility is that your machine needs descaling; refer to your owner’s manual for specific instructions on how to do this with your model. If the water reservoir lid isn’t seated properly or if you don’t hear the water pump running, you should contact Keurig support as well.

Case 6: Keurig Mini Isn’t Working When it doesn’t brew fast enough:

If your Keurig isn’t brewing fast enough, or if it seems like it’s taking longer than usual to brew, you may be able to fix this problem by cleaning and descaling the unit. If these steps don’t work, contact Keurig support for assistance.

Case 7: Keurig Mini Isn’t Working when it won’t heat up:

If you can turn on your Keurig but it won’t heat water, you probably need to replace something in it. The most likely part is the heating element, which can be replaced by someone with moderate repair skills.

Case 8: Keurig Mini Isn’t Working when there’s no water flow:

If no water comes out of your Keurig, first make sure that the water reservoir is full. If so, there might be a clog in the line stopping the water from flowing through. Try running vinegar through your Keurig to clean out any blockages. Make sure you run fresh water through the machine afterward.

Case 9: Keurig Mini Isn’t Working with leaking:

A leaky Keurig can be a sign of a few things. First, check that you haven’t overfilled the water reservoir, which can cause leaks when you move your Keurig mini. Also make sure that your water filter is properly seated in its compartment and that the lid is properly sealed.

Case 10: Keurig Mini Isn’t Working When it won’t dispense water:

If your Keurig isn’t dispensing water at all, you may need to wait for your machine to heat up. If this doesn’t solve the problem, try running a descaling cycle and flush the system several times before trying again. Another possibility is that there’s something stuck in your machine’s exit needle; removing this should fix.

Problem 2: Keurig K-Mini Turns On and Shuts off on Its Own

If your Keurig K-Mini turns on and off automatically, then the first thing you need to check is the water reservoir. The machine will turn off automatically if it detects that there is no more water in the reservoir. Make sure that it contains enough water. Ensure that the lid is closed properly and securely as well, because a loose lid can cause the same problem. Sometimes, when you place a pot on the drip tray, it may activate the sensor and cause the machine to shut down.

If these actions do not resolve the issue, inspect the power cord for any signs of damage such as cracks or cuts. You should also check if it is plugged in properly into an outlet with ample voltage. If everything is fine but your machine still turns on or off without prior notice, change its settings by entering menu mode.

Problem 3: Keurig K-Mini Says “Add Water” but It’s Full

If your Keurig K-Mini says “Add Water” but it’s full, then there is likely a problem with the float. This is just a small piece of plastic that keeps track of how much water is in the machine. It floats when there is water in the reservoir, and it sinks when the level gets low. The problem with this system is that sometimes the float gets stuck. Luckily, there is an easy way to fix this problem. Unplug the machine and then unplug the reservoir. Next, take a paperclip or a similar object and use it to push up on the float. It may be stuck down below where you can’t reach it otherwise. If you’ve never done this before, you may find it easier if you disassemble your Keurig K-Mini first so that you can get to it more easily.

Keurig Mini Says “Add Water” but It’s Full If you get the message “Add Water” on your Keurig Mini, it could be because the machine isn’t reading the water level properly. When this happens, you’ll need to unplug your Keurig K-Mini and empty out any water that is left in the reservoir. Then, remove the reservoir and clean it by hand. To clean by hand, fill the reservoir with hot water, pour a little liquid dish soap into the water, and then scrub with a soft sponge or microfiber cloth.

Problem 4: Keurig K-Mini Coffee Tastes Odd

When the reservoir is not cleaned, the water in it will taste funny, which will make coffee taste a little different. If you have used the same unit for more than a couple of weeks then that is probably the case. When it comes to cleaning the reservoir, things are pretty simple. You can use either vinegar or lemon juice to clean it out and get rid of any smell that might be present in your coffee machine.

Another reason why your coffee might not taste good is that you are using old k-cups. Old k-cups will lose their flavor if they are kept inside for too long, so make sure that you buy your supplies often enough to avoid this problem from happening.

Finally, if you just bought your Keurig K-Mini coffee maker and you have been using it for a few days, make sure that you run plain water through it a few times. This will make sure that any residue from its production gets flushed out before you use it for making actual coffee.

Problem 5: Keurig K-Mini is Noisy When Brewing

If your Keurig K-Mini makes noise when brewing, it might be due to the fact that some water remained after your last brew cycle and has hardened on the needle puncture. This causes the needle to make more noise than normal when puncturing the next K-Cup container. To clean this out, pull up on the handle and lift it off the machine. There is a small piece of plastic attached to the bottom of the handle that is shaped like an arrowhead. Lift this arrowhead out of its slot and run it under a stream of warm water for about 10 seconds. Dry it with a paper towel or soft cloth and set it aside until it dries completely. Replace it in the slot and lower the handle back into place on the machine.

Problem 6: Keurig K-Mini Descale Light Stays On

how to clean keurig needles

The Keurig K-Mini descale light stays on because the appliance needs to be descaled. This is a very common problem and is easily fixed. You can purchase a descaling solution, or you can use any vinegar. If you choose to use vinegar as your descaling solution, read the following steps: Fill the water reservoir with 1/3 distilled white vinegar and 2/3 water. The vinegar will help to break down all of the mineral deposits in your machine. Place a cup under the spout before turning off your machine by pressing the auto off button for three seconds until the red light turns off.

The Keurig Mini Descale light will turn on when it’s time to replace the solution. Press and hold down the brew button until all of the liquid has drained from the reservoir into your cup. This prevents any damage to your machine when pouring out old coffee or tea that may have been sitting in there for a while.

Repeat steps two through four until there is no more liquid left in the water reservoir, which should take about three times total depending on how much space was taken up by coffee grounds or tea leaves before draining them out initially (See note). If you still get an error message after these steps.

Fix 1: How to Reset a Keurig K-Mini Machine?

If you are having problems with your Keurig K-Mini, the machine may need to be reset. There are two ways to reset your Keurig Mini.

Reset Keurig K-Mini Manually:

  1. Turn off your Keurig by pressing the power button.
  2. Unplug the machine from the wall outlet.
  3. Wait approximately one minute and plug the machine back in.
  4. Press the power button once again to turn on your Keurig Mini.
  5. Reset Keurig Mini Machine Using Buttons
  6. Press the large brew button and hold it down for three seconds. The brew button is located in the lower right hand corner of your Keurig’s control panel.
  7. The Add Water light will blink, indicating that your machine has been reset.

Fix 2: How to Contact Keurig K-Mini Customer Center?

contact keurig mini service

How to contact Keurig K-Mini customer center? If you have any question or problem with your account, you may contact Keurig Mini through their customer service contact page. You can also contact Keurig Mini through their social media pages. Some of them have a messaging or contact us button which you can use to send your message directly to the company.

How to find Keurig Mini opening hours? Keurig Mini opening hours are available on their website.You can also check Keurig Mini stores near me or store finder on their website to find the store hours.Some of them allow you to book a time slot to visit the store and some may have limited opening hours due to covid-19.


The Keurig K-Mini is an awesome machine, a better version is the Keurig Mini Plus, and like every other product, it can encounter some issues. All of these guides were created to help you overcome any minor problems you may be having with your Mini and maximize its functionality. If your machine is still giving you trouble, contact Keurig customer service specialists by phone or email and they will help you get back on track.