Keurig duo vs Keurig duo plus vs Keurig duo essentials[Which is the best?]

It’s easy to get confused by all the Keurig home brewer models offered by Keurig, Your choice can be narrowed down to 3 models: Keurig DUO, the KUERIG DUO PLUS, and the KUERIG DUO ESSENTIALS. But which one is the right one for you? In this post, we will cover in depth the differences among them to decide which will be best coffee maker for you.

Features of Keurig duo

Keurig Duo Coffee Maker is a single-serve coffee maker, which allows you to brew your favorite beverage at the touch of a button. It comes with an easy-to-use digital display, which allows you to set the timer and customize your brew. You can make 6 oz or 8 oz servings of coffee, tea or hot chocolate with this machine. You can also use the Keurig  Duo Brewer to make hot water, including teas and soups. The Keurig K-Cup Brewer has a removable drip tray that makes it easy to clean. It also comes with extra water filters for better tasting beverages, as well as a charcoal water filter that removes impurities from water before brewing.

The machine has a compact design for easy storage and can fit anywhere in your kitchen or office space. Features: Removable Drip Tray The removable drip tray makes it easy to clean up after brewing your beverage. The drip tray is removable so that you don’t have to worry about spilling any messes on your kitchen countertops while using this machine! Easy To Use Control Panel The control panel on this brewer is simple and easy to use so that anyone.

  • Single-Serve/Carafe
  • Fits Travel Mugs
  • Strong Brew Option
  • Multiple Brew Sizes K Cup pods
  • 7, 8, 10, and 12 oz. Grounds
  • 15 K-Cup Pod Brew Size and Carafe 22 oz. Brew Size
  • 60oz Water Reservoir
  • Works with the My K-Cup Universal Reusable Coffee Filter
  • Auto Off Feature can be programmed to turn off 2 hours after the last brew for energy savings

Features of Keurig duo plus

Keurig Duo Plus is a single cup brewing system that has the ability to brew two K-Cup pods at once. It has a large water reservoir that can hold up to 80 ounces of water, which is twice as much as most other single cup brewers on the market. When it comes to features, this is one of the best models from Keurig. It comes with a removable drip tray and a removable drip tray cover, so you can easily clean your machine after each use or even remove it if you want to brew larger containers like travel mugs or big cups of hot chocolate.

The Keurig Duo Plus also has a built-in clock that lets you set an auto start time for your first cup in the morning, so when you get out of bed, it’s already ready for you! The display on this model is larger than many other models and gives you all of the information you need right there on one screen: how many cups are left in your reservoir and how many ounces are remaining in the water tank.

You can also see how long your last brew took and what temperature setting was used for each beverage type (hot cocoa vs coffee vs tea). Keurig K55 Platinum Edition Single Serve Coffee Maker with 12oz Brew Size.

Keurig duo plus

  • A fully programmable coffee maker that gives you the freedom to set brew time, temp, and strength to your liking.
  • Built-in frother for perfect cappuccinos, lattes and macchiatos.
  • K-Cup compatible Brewer.
  • Compatible with single-serve pod and carafe brew sizes.
  • 15 bar pump pressure system provides optimal flavor extraction.
  • Auto-on feature starts brewing at a specific time each day.
  • Includes a 6-count variety pack of k-cup pods and water filter handle & cartridge.

Features of Keurig duo essentials

A replacement for the discontinued K200-K575, the Keurig Duo Essentials brews both single K-Cups and full 60 oz carafes with the reusable Gold Tone filter. The Essentials builds on the K-Duo with a 6 oz brew size and Strength Control. The perfect brewer for any occasion. This versatile Keurig Duo Essentials brewer is the best of both worlds, using both K-Cup® pods and ground coffee to brew a cup and a carafe of your favorite varieties. With multiple brew sizes, you can make an 8, 10, or 12-cup carafe for large gatherings, as well as an 8, 10, or 12 oz. cup just for you. You can brew the perfect amount of fresh, full-flavored coffee whether you’re hosting friends or just enjoying a cup – and a moment – to yourself!

Keurig duo essentials

  • K-cup Brewing System
  • Measuring Cup & Scoop
  • Fresh Roast and Ground Coffee
  • 2-Hour Auto Off – keep coffee warm or serve it after warming in the K-Cup warmer or with hot water dispensed through the machine’s pour-through button.
  • Water Filter – removable and replaceable, removing over 99.9% of hard water minerals and sediment from your coffee.
  • On/Off Switch – to turn on/off, simply press the button three times and it will begin to brew.
  • Removable Drip Tray – assures that your machine is level for even brewing every time.
  • LED Illumination – lights automatically when your machine is brewing and turns off when it stops brewing.

Comparison: Keurig K-Duo vs Essentials vs Plus

Keurig is a popular brand in the coffee maker industry, and they create various models of coffee makers. Here we will compare three models from this brand, namely the Keurig Duo, the Keurig Duo Plus, and the Keurig Duo Essentials. If you are looking for a single serve coffee maker that can make both hot beverages and cold ones, then these three models might be what you need. 

The Similarities of Keurig duo, keurig duo plus and keurig duo essentials

All three have the same brewing technology and use the same size pods for coffee, tea, hot chocolate or other beverages. They also all have an auto shutoff feature which automatically turns off after your brew has been complete

  • The brew process for all three coffee makers is the same. You will need to fill them with water before using them. The water tank is placed at the back of the machine which makes it easier to fill. It can be removed if you want to clean it or refill it with water while brewing coffee.d.
  • You can choose between strong and regular strength coffee when making your beverage with these machines. They come with an adjustable strength setting that allows you to choose how strong or weak you want your drink to be.
  • They have an adjustable temperature control feature which lets you make hot beverages ranging from 200 degrees Fahrenheit (93 degrees Celsius) up to 205 degrees Fahrenheit (96 degrees Celsius).

The Differences of Keurig duo, keurig duo plus and keurig duo essentials

All three of them have different features, so it is important to know which one suits your lifestyle best before making a purchase.

K-Duo K-Duo Essentials K-Duo Plus
6 oz brew size No Yes Yes
Weight 1 pounds 14.54 pounds 16.1 pounds
Dimensions 12.92” H x 10.94” W x 12.76” D 17.76” H x 16.5” W x 15.39” D 14.19” H x 8.2” W x 11.7” D
Strength control No Yes Yes
Swivel water tank No No Yes
Carafe Glass Glass Thermal
Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.6 out of 5 stars 4.6 out of 5 stars
Price View The Price Here View The Price Here View The Price Here

Keurig K-Duo vs Essentials vs Plus: Which Is the best?

Keurig Duo vs Keurig Duo Plus vs Keurig Duo Essentials. Which one is the best? The three models are different in terms of design, performance and price. Keurig K-Duo is a coffee maker with a larger water reservoir than Keurig K-Duo Plus and Keurig K-Duo Essentials. The Duo comes with two brew sizes: 6 oz and 10 oz. It also has an auto on/off feature that allows the brewer to turn on automatically when a cup is placed under the dispenser lever, and shuts off automatically after each brew cycle is completed. Keurig K-Duo Plus is identical to the original model except that it has an adjustable temperature control feature instead of auto off/on function.

The Duo Plus also comes with two brew sizes: 6 oz or 10 oz, as well as auto on/off function like its predecessor model. Keurig K-Duo Essentials is identical to the original model except that it does not have an adjustable temperature control feature or auto on/off function like its predecessor models; however, it can only brew coffee at one temperature setting (195° F).

The Keurig K-Duo and Plus are both excellent single cup brewing systems, but they have some differences that can make one or the other a better fit for your needs. The Keurig K-Duo is a great choice if you want to brew up to four cups at once and if you want more options for the type of coffee you can brew. It has a larger water reservoir than the K-Essentials and K-Plus, which means that it can be used for longer periods without having to refill it.

The K-Duo also has an automatic shutoff feature, which means that if you forget about your coffee maker after it’s finished brewing, it will turn itself off automatically after two hours of inactivity. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something simpler than the K-Duo but still want to brew multiple cups at once, check out the K-Essentials or the K-Plus instead. Both models only brew one cup at a time but they have smaller reservoirs so they’ll need refilling more often than their bigger brother (or sister). However, these models do.

  • K-Duo: Base Model
  • K-Duo Essentials: Adds 6 oz brew size + Strength Control
  • K-Duo Plus: Adds 6 oz brew size + Strength Control + swivel water tank + thermal carafe (instead of glass)

FAQ on Keurig duo series machines

FAQ: What’s the difference between a Keurig and a K-Cup?
Answer: The terms are often used interchangeably because they are synonymous. But technically speaking, a Keurig machine is just one part of the overall system. The Keurig machine makes use of K-Cups (which hold ground coffee or tea), which are placed into the machine’s chamber and then punctured by an internal needle to release the beverage inside.

FAQ: What is the difference between Keurig K Cup and Keurig K-Cup?
Answer: Keurig K-Cup is a single serve coffee machine that brews one cup of coffee at a time. There are different models available in the market, which can be used to brew different types of coffee and tea.

Keurig K-Cup is an accessory that allows you to use your own ground coffee in your Keurig machine, while using your favorite brand of KCups.

FAQ: Can I use my old Keurig pods in my new machine?
Answer: No, you need to purchase new pods for your new machine.

FAQ: How can I replace the water filter on my Keurig?
Answer: The water filter for the Keurig 2.0 is located on the back of the machine and is easy to remove. You can order a replacement water filter from Keurig or from a retailer like Amazon.

FAQ: Can I use my own favorite brand of coffee in my new brewer?
Answer: Yes! You can use any brand of coffee or tea pods in your new brewer! Just make sure that they fit into.

FAQ: What is the difference between a single cup brewer and a K-Cup® Coffee Maker?
Answer: The two main differences are that the single cup brewers require you to use the proprietary K-Cup® pod while the K-Cup® Coffee Makers use different types of coffee grounds. The single cup brewers are also not as efficient at brewing a single cup of coffee.

FAQ: Can I use K-cup pods from other companies in my Keurig?
Answer: Yes, but only if they’re specifically made for use with the Keurig 2.0 brewing system. You can also use refillable K-cups for this purpose.

Other Keurig Coffee Makers to Consider

Other Keurig Coffee Makers to Consider Keurig has more than a dozen coffee makers in its lineup. While you can certainly narrow down your choices to one of the three we discussed above, there are other models worth considering. And while we don’t cover them all here, we’ve got some quick thoughts on each of them:

Keurig K10 Mini Plus

Keurig K10 Mini Plus Brewing System: This is the smallest model on the list. If you’re looking for something that takes up little counter space and doesn’t make a lot of noise, this could be a good choice. It’s also one of the cheapest options on this list at $80 or less. 

The Keurig K55 has been around for a while now, but it is still one of the most popular models on the market today. It’s a great choice if you want something that’s easy to use and easy to clean up after. The water reservoir holds up to 48 ounces of water and brews 6 different cup sizes (including 2 carafe sizes). You can choose from over 500 varieties of coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and other beverages in eight different flavors. You can also choose from three brew sizes: 6 oz., 8 oz., or 10 oz. Each beverage variety comes in multiple flavors as well. 


In the end, a keurig machine is a coffee maker: you put in coffee and water, press a button to take coffee out of the machine, and that’s all there is to it. As such, when choosing between these three keurig models, there’s not much of a difference between them. With that said, it’s worth noting that the newest and best of all three models—the keurig duo plus—is quite pricey for a brewer. And you certainly don’t have to pick one model over another: all three work pretty much the same way. Therefore, the decision comes down to which features are most important to you, your budget, and any other preferences you might have.