Keurig K-Elite Vs Keurig K-Duo: Which coffee maker is better?

Keurig K-Elite Vs Keurig K-Duo: Buying Keurig coffee makers can confusing and it’s hard to know what to get. The Keurig K-Elite is identical to the Keurig K-Duo except for one thing – the water reservoir. As a 5 cup carafe, the K-Duo offers more capacity than the single cup Keurig K-Elite brewing system.

Keurig K-Elite 

The Keurig K-Elite coffee maker was released in June 2015. It’s a step up from the Keurig K-Duo and comes with an LCD touch screen display, so you can make your favorite beverage with ease. The K-Elite features a temperature control system that lets you choose between 6 different temperature settings and brew your favorite coffee at the ideal temperature for flavor and aroma.

Keurig K-Elite also comes with a Gold Filter which allows you to use loose-leaf tea or ground coffee if you prefer, instead of the K-cups that are usually used in other models. This is great because it gives you more options when it comes to making your perfect cup of joe!

Keurig K-Duo 

Keurig K-Elite Vs Keurig K-Duo

Keurig K-Duo is designed for owners who need to brew more than one cup at a time.

It has some features that set it apart from other single cup coffee makers on the market today. One of these features is that it has a large water reservoir that holds up to 80 ounces of water at one time, which allows you to make more than one cup at a time without having to refill the reservoir each time you want another cup of coffee or other beverage.

Keurig K-Duo is similar to other models in the Keurig lineup when it comes to performance and design. It brews one cup at a time using pods instead of traditional filters or ground coffee beans like other single cup coffee makers.

Compare Keurig K-Elite and Keurig K-Duo

Keurig K-Elite and Keurig K-Duo are two of the most popular single cup coffee makers in the market. Both machines have their share of pros and cons. So, if you’re looking at buying any of these machines, it’s important to compare them.


The Keurig K-Elite measures 13.1” H x 9.9” W x 12.7” D while the Keurig K-Duo measures 12 x 7 x 14 inches. Both of these machines have a height of 13 inches, but they may differ slightly depending on whether or not they include water filters in their design (more on this later). 

Color choices

The Elite offers seven different choices while the Duo only comes in black or white.

Cup Sizes

The Keurig K-Elite is a single-serve coffee maker with a ton of great features. You can brew five different cup sizes, which is more than most other Keurig machines. This includes an extra large 10 oz. mug or travel mug size. You can also brew specialty drinks like hot cocoa and iced beverages like iced tea and iced coffee.

Single Serve

Keurig is one of the most popular brand names in the world of single serve coffee machines. It offers a wide range of products, both at home and commercial level. However, not all Keurig coffee machines are created equal; some are better than others.

The single serve Keurig K-Elite brews up to 30 ounces in just three minutes while the K-Duo only brews 18 ounces in two minutes. The K-Duo also has an LCD display that lets you know how much water is left in the tank and when it needs to be refilled.

Auto off/on

Keurig K-Elite

The Auto Off feature allows you to set a time for your coffee maker to turn off automatically after brewing is complete. This helps save electricity and preserve the life of your machine. If you forget to turn off your coffee maker in the morning or accidentally leave it on all day long, this can be a lifesaver! 

The Keurig Elite automatically turns off after 60 minutes of no activity. This means it won’t keep running if you’re brewing a cup of coffee for someone who just left the room for five minutes and came back to find their coffee already made! The Duo does not have this feature, so you’ll need to remember to turn it off yourself.

Pods or Grounds

The first thing to consider when comparing these two models is whether or not you want a pod machine or a grounds machine. If you want to be able to use pre-ground beans then the Keurig Elite may be your best bet as it offers this option while the Keurig Duo does not.

K-Duo uses pods instead of grounds. But this isn’t as big of a deal as it seems! Pods may be cheaper than buying your own coffee beans and grinding them at home, but they’re also more convenient for busy people who don’t want to waste time making coffee every morning.

And if you prefer ground coffee over pods, then you can still use this machine with grounds instead of pods. The other big difference between these machines is their size. The K-Duo is much larger than its predecessor — it’s 36% bigger in height and 11% wider than the K-Elite — but its footprint is actually smaller by 2%.

Removable Water Reservoirs

They both have a removable water reservoir, an auto-off feature, a digital clock display and an on/off button. However, there are some differences between these two machines that you should know about before deciding which one to buy. 

The water reservoir on the Keurig K-Elite is designed so that it can be removed from its base when not in use. This makes it easier to clean because you won’t need to use any tools to do so and it also makes it easier for you to fill up with water because you don’t need to take off any parts or disassemble anything before doing so (although this may not matter if you only fill up your reservoir once per day).

Strong Brew Option

Keurig K-Elite has an optional Strong Brew setting, while the Keurig K-Duo does not. This allows you to brew a stronger cup of coffee than what you would get from using regular settings on either machine. In addition to that, the Keurig K-Elite has more options when it comes to brewing temperature and size of your drink compared with the Keurig K-Duo.

Pod and Cord Storage

The difference between Keurig K-Elite and Keurig K-Duo is the storage area for the pods and power cord. While the former has a pod holder on its left side and a cord storage area below it, the latter lacks both these features. This makes it difficult for users to keep their pods organized when brewing different types of coffee or tea at once.

Travel Mug Friendly

You can also use larger travel mugs with the K-Duo without having to add water before each brew cycle. The K-Duo has more options for customizing each cup of coffee than the K-Elite does. 

The Keurig K-Duo is a dual-brew coffee maker that allows you to brew two different beverages at once. The Keurig K-Elite is a single-cup brewer that makes one cup of coffee at a time. Both machines brew using the same K-Cup packs and both have hot water dispensers, but there are some key differences between them. The Keurig K-Elite has an 8 oz. water reservoir, while the Keurig K-Duo has a 12 oz. reservoir. This means that you’ll be able to make more cups of coffee with the K-Duo before having to refill it.

The K-Elite also uses less water per cup than the K-Duo does, which can help save money if you’re going through a lot of coffee each day. Both brewers allow you to choose between three temperature settings for your coffee or tea: hot, medium, or low. However, only the K-Duo allows you to control how strong your beverage comes out by choosing from five brew strength settings (regular/bold/extra bold).

Indicator Lights

Keurig K-Elite

The Keurig K-Elite has an LED indicator light that flashes when the machine needs servicing or when there is an issue with the water filter. It also provides information about when it needs descaling or maintenance. On the other hand, the Keurig K-Duo does not have any indicator lights at all so you will have to manually check if your machine needs servicing or maintenance.

The indicator lights on these coffee makers are used to provide information about what is going on inside of your coffee maker at all times. If you want to know if something is wrong with your machine or if it needs attention, then this is where you will find out about it.

Keurig K-Elite has an indicator light on its side that lights up when it needs to be cleaned or descaled. This is a helpful feature because it helps you know when it’s time to clean your machine so that you don’t forget or wait too long before cleaning it. The Keurig K-Duo does not have this feature but instead has a small screen on its front panel which displays information about what buttons have been pressed and how much water there is remaining in its tank.

Which one should you buy?

Keurig is the world leader in single-cup coffee makers, but they have two different models that are similar in many ways. If you want to use your Keurig for tea and instant soup, then it’s best to buy one of these models. The K-Elite is also better for people who drink multiple cups of coffee per day since it holds more pods at a time than its counterpart does.

The K-Elite is better than its counterpart because it can hold more pods at once (96) and uses newer technology to brew your beverage faster than ever before. However, if you only need to make one cup at a time or don’t care about having a hot water option then either model will work fine for you!

This brewer has more built-in features than the Keurig K-Duo. It has a large water reservoir (2 L), so you can make multiple cups of coffee at once. It also has an adjustable temperature control feature, which allows you to brew your coffee at just the right temperature for your taste buds.

Keurig K-Elite Vs Keurig K-Duo Summary

The Keurig K-Elite and the Keurig K-Duo are two of the most popular coffee makers in the world. Both machines have the ability to brew a variety of different cup sizes, including an 18 ounce carafe that’s perfect for entertaining guests or making coffee for more than one person at once. They also both have touchscreen displays that allow users to adjust temperature and strength settings as well as choose from over 60 different varieties of coffee beans and tea pods.