Keurig K-Slim Vs Keurig K-Latte : What’s The Difference

Keurig K-Slim Vs Keurig K-Latte: Keurig is the leading brand when it comes to single-serve coffee makers and related products. But the brand offers more than coffee machines – it also has other products including coffee packs and a variety of accessories. The new K-Cup machine however has created a buzz not just because of its technology, but also due to its pricing.

Keurig K-Slim 

The Keurig K-Slim and the Keurig K-Latte are two popular single-cup coffee makers from Keurig. Both are compact and convenient, making them ideal for people who don’t have a lot of space in their kitchens. However, they differ in price, size, and features, so it’s important to compare them before deciding which one is right for you.

Keurig K-Slim Vs Keurig K-Latte

The machine is designed for smaller spaces and has a height of 17 inches (43 cm) with an 8-inch (20 cm) diameter base. It can brew a maximum capacity of 14 oz (414 ml) of coffee at once and has a water tank capacity of 50 oz (1440 ml).

Keurig K-Latte 

Keurig K-Latte is a new coffee machine that allows you to brew your favorite coffee shop beverages at home. It is designed specifically for use with Keurig K-Cup pods and features a sleek and compact design that fits perfectly into any kitchen. The Keurig K-Latte has a built-in frother that lets you make lattes, cappuccinos, and other specialty drinks at the touch of a button. It also comes with an automatic milk frother so you can customize your drink exactly how you like.

The machine automatically adjusts temperature based on what type of beverage you’re brewing so you don’t have to worry about burning your drink or wasting time waiting for it to cool down enough for drinking.

Keurig K-Latte is a new product from the brand that lets you make lattes, cappuccinos, and other hot beverages at home. It is a single-serve coffee maker that allows you to make your favorite drink in just one touch. The machine uses pods (K-Cups) to make your favorite drink. The single-serve pod has a filter and ground coffee inside it. You have to put one pod into the machine and press a button for your beverage to come out of the nozzle.

Compare Keurig K-Slim and Keurig K-Latte

The Keurig K-Slim and Keurig K-Latte are two of the latest additions to the Keurig lineup. They both offer a few different features that make life easier for you as well as your wallet. If you have limited workspace in your home office or kitchen, then it’s probably better to go with a smaller machine like this one instead of something bigger.


The Keurig K-Slim is a compact single-cup brewer that’s perfect for small kitchens, dorm rooms, and offices. The Keurig K-Latte is a single-cup brewer that includes an espresso maker attachment so you can make lattes, cappuccinos, and other specialty coffee drinks at home. The Keurig K-Slim measures just 12 inches tall by 6 inches wide by 9 inches deep (with a water reservoir) and weighs just 9 pounds, making it one of the smallest and lightest brewers on the market today.

The Keurig K-Latte measures 14 inches tall by 7 inches wide by 11 inches deep (with a water reservoir), but it weighs about 20 pounds more than the K-Slim due to its larger size and added weight from its built-in frother. Both brewers feature a removable drip tray with a hot water button that allows you to use the machine as an electric kettle for making tea or hot chocolate. And both are compatible with all Keurig coffee pods and most third-party pod brands. One thing they don’t have in common is their price; while both retail for around $200, the K-Latte is usually priced higher than.

Color choices

The Keurig K-Slim and the Keurig K-Latte are both single serve coffee makers, but they are different. The Keurig K-Slim is designed to brew a single cup of coffee while the Keurig K-Latte can brew up to four cups at once. The K-Latte also has a milk frother that allows you to make cappuccinos and lattes with your own ingredients. The color choices for these two machines are very different as well. The K-Slim is available in black, red, silver and blue while the K-Latte comes in white or black.

Both machines have stainless steel accents and are made from plastic materials with some metal parts inside. They’re both lightweight and easy to move around if needed. The Keurig K-Slim has an LCD touch screen display that allows you to choose from over 100 varieties of coffee or tea and makes it easy for anyone in your house to use their own favorite drink settings without changing anything on the machine itself. It can also be programmed so that it will automatically brew your favorite drink at a certain time every day if that is something you like doing yourself! This machine uses pods instead of loose.

Cup Sizes

Keurig K-Latte and Keurig k-slim are both single serve coffee makers from the same company. Both of them have different features, but they both brew coffee in less than a minute. So, which one should you choose? Here is a quick look at the similarities and differences between these two machines. Both of these machines are single serve coffee makers that use pods to make coffee. They can also be used to make other drinks such as tea and hot chocolate. Both of them also have some unique features that set them apart from each other and other machines in their category.

The Keurig K-Slim is a single serve coffee maker that uses pods to make your favorite hot beverages. It’s the first product of its kind from Keurig, who are famous for their pod-based coffee makers. The Keurig K-Latte is a similar product from Keurig, but it can also make creamy lattes and other espresso drinks.

Single Serve

The Keurig K-Slim is a single serve coffee maker that uses Keurig pods and the Keurig K-Latte is a single-serve coffee maker that uses Nespresso capsules. Both of these machines are made by Keurig, but they differ in size. The Keurig K-Slim is much smaller, but it’s also limited to brewing one cup at a time.

The Keurig K-Latte can brew either one or two cups at once, so it makes sense if you need to make coffee for more than one person at once. The primary difference between these two machines is that they each use different types of pods. If you want to brew with Nespresso capsules, then the Keurig K-Latte is the best choice for you. On the other hand, if you only want to brew with pods from your local grocery store or gas station then the Keurig K-Slim would be better suited for your needs because it doesn’t require any special parts or accessories as its big brother does.

Auto off/on

The Keurig K-Latte is one of the newest and most advanced brewers from Keurig. It comes with the ability to brew both coffee and latte, which means you can get your caffeine fix and still enjoy some hot chocolate in the mornings. The Keurig K-Slim is another advanced brewer from Keurig that has more features than the K-Latte.

However, it does not have the ability to make lattes. Both of these brewers are great options for your kitchen but which one is better? Here are some key differences between the two: Auto off/on: The K-Latte has an auto off feature that shuts off your brewer after 2 hours of inactivity so you don’t waste electricity or water. This feature is not available on the K-Slim. Water reservoir: Both brewers have a removable water reservoir that holds up to 80 oz of water at once but only the K-Latte has an actual gauge on it so you can see exactly how much water remains in there at all times (although this isn’t really necessary since it’s easy enough to just lift it out).

Removable Water Reservoirs

The Keurig K-Slim is a stylish single brew coffee maker, with a removable water reservoir. The Keurig K-Latte is a full sized coffee maker that features a removable water reservoir. The Keurig K-Slim has a small footprint and it can fit on your kitchen countertop. It comes in black and white colors with two color options for the touch display. The Keurig K-Latte has a larger footprint than the K-Slim and it can be placed on your kitchen countertop or mounted under your cabinets. It also comes in black and white colors with two color options for the touch display.

Both brewers have an auto-off feature after two hours of inactivity to save energy, but they also offer an energy saving mode that reduces power consumption when there are no beverages being brewed. Removable Water Reservoirs: Both brewers have removable water reservoirs that can be filled up with cold water from the refrigerator, filtered water or tap water as long as it’s not chlorinated or hard water (over 100 ppm). You will need to descale every three months or so if you’re using unfiltered tap water or unfiltered spring.

Removable Drip Trays

The K-Slim has a removable drip tray, while the K-Latte does not. However, both machines have a removable reservoir. This means that you can pop the reservoir and brew directly into your cup. And yes, they both come with a reusable filter. Keurig Brews A Variety Of Beverages Both the K-Slim and the K-Latte will brew your favorite hot or cold beverages. You can choose from over 300 varieties of coffee, tea and hot cocoa as well as fresh squeezed juices and smoothies.

Strong Brew Option

Keurig is a well-known brand for coffee makers. It has been around for almost two decades and is responsible for revolutionizing the way we drink our coffee. The K-Latte and K-Slim are two of its most popular models; however, they do have some differences. As far as appearances go, both machines look similar. They are both black with silver accents and have a sleek design that will fit in any kitchen. However, there are some differences between the two models including the size of their water reservoirs, the number of cup sizes available and the strength of the brew.

The Keurig K-Latte has a larger water reservoir than its counterpart, which means that you can brew more cups before refilling it. It also has three different cup sizes: 6oz., 8oz., 10oz. The size of each one depends on how much water you use to brew your coffee or tea. You can also use this machine to make hot chocolate or other hot beverages like hot cider or apple cider by adding milk or cream to your beverage first before adding water and brewing it on this machine.

Pod and Cord Storage

The K-Latte is more expensive and has more frills, but if you’re just looking for a simple coffee maker, the K-Slim will do the job just fine. The first thing to note is that the are very similar in design. Both have a minimalist, compact design that takes up little room on your countertop or kitchen table. They both have an automatic shutoff feature, which prevents overheating or damage from occurring if you forget to turn off your machine when you’re done brewing your coffee. The biggest difference between these two machines is that the Keurig K-Latte comes with a milk frother attachment — something not included in the Keurig K-Slim model.

This means that you can brew hot or cold drinks with your machine if you don’t mind adding an extra step in your morning routine by preparing your beverage before pouring it into the machine’s reservoir. The other major difference between these two machines is their price tag: The Keurig K-Latte costs significantly more than its counterpart at $199 versus $129.

Travel Mug Friendly

Keurig is a great brand of coffee makers, and there are different models that they manufacture. One of these models is the Keurig K-Slim, and another is the Keurig K-Latte. Some people get confused when they hear about these two products, so in this article we’ll talk about what’s the difference between them and how they differ from each other. Keurig K-Slim Vs Keurig K Latte – Design Both machines have a slim design, with a space-saving profile for smaller kitchens.

They’re also both designed to fit under most cabinets, which makes it easier to use them if you don’t have much space on your countertop or other available areas in your kitchen. Keurig K-Slim Vs Keurig K Latte – Water Reservoir Capacity The water reservoir capacity for the Keurig K Slim is 40 oz., while it’s 50 oz for the Keurig K Latte model. This means that you can brew more cups of coffee before having to refill it again with water.

Indicator Lights

The Keurig K-Mini Plus is designed for use with a variety of different pods, so you can enjoy your favorite brands from around the world. If there’s something you don’t like about your current brand of coffee, simply switch to another one! You won’t have to compromise flavor or quality when using this machine! You’ll also find that this machine is extremely easy to clean and maintain. It only takes a few minutes and just a little bit of elbow grease to keep things running smoothly. It features a removable water reservoir which makes cleaning simple as well as convenient when.

The indicator lights on the two coffee machines are quite different. The Keurig K-Slim does not have an indicator light but it has an auto on/off feature. This means that the machine will turn itself off automatically after 8 hours of inactivity. The Keurig K-Latte, on the other hand, has three indicator lights: one for power, one for water and another for brew. The power light indicates whether or not the machine is turned on while the water light indicates whether or not there is enough water in the reservoir to brew a cup of coffee or tea.

Which one should you buy?

Keurig is a well-known brand for coffee makers. The company also makes single cup coffee makers, which are very popular among people. There are two models in the single cup series of Keurig. These are Keurig K-Slim and Keurig K-Latte. Both these products have their own benefits but if you have to choose one between them, then it becomes difficult for you to make a decision.

You may have heard about Keurig K-Slim and Keurig K-Latte. Both of these coffee makers are made by Keurig and are part of the company’s line of single-cup brewers. Keurig K-Slim The Keurig K-Slim is a smaller version of the traditional Keurig 2.0 brewer. It does not have an LCD screen or a hot water button, but it does have a milk frother, which means you can make lattes at home with this machine.

The Keurig K-Latte comes in three different colors: red, black and blue. It has a touchscreen display and uses the same My K-Cup reusable filter as all other Keurigs do. You can use any brand of ground coffee or tea in it, but you cannot use loose leaf tea or ground coffee unless you buy a separate adapter kit that costs $20-$30. The Keurig K-Latte is larger than the Keurig K-Slim because it has an LCD screen on it with programmable settings.


If you’re a coffee drinker and want a hassle-free machine that makes great coffee, then the Keurig K-Slim may be the right choice for you. If on the other hand, you’re more of a tea drinker or looking for something to fill the void that was left by Starbucks closing, then you may want to consider the K-Latte. Whichever one you choose, they are both good brewers and it just boils down to which one sounds better to you.