Guide To Keurig Cup Sizes

For coffee enthusiasts, the Keurig brewing system has become a staple in kitchens worldwide, offering convenience and a wide variety of flavors. However, navigating the different cup sizes and understanding their implications can be a bit overwhelming. In this comprehensive guide to Keurig cup sizes, we will demystify the options, explore the most common brewing sizes, and help you make the perfect cup of coffee every time.

What Is A Keurig Cup?

A Keurig cup refers to a single-serving portion of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or other beverages that is specially designed to be used with Keurig brewing systems. Keurig cups, also known as K-Cups, are small, pre-packaged pods that contain the necessary ingredients, such as ground coffee or tea leaves, for brewing a single cup of the desired beverage.

What Are The Keurig Cup Sizes?


The K-Cup is the standard cup size used by most Keurig coffee makers. It typically brews a single cup of coffee, providing a convenient and quick solution for individual servings.


For those who desire a larger caffeine kick, the K-Mug option allows you to brew a bigger cup of coffee. This size is ideal for those who prefer a generous portion or need an extra boost to start their day.


The K-Carafe delivers a higher capacity, allowing you to brew multiple cups of coffee in one go. This option is perfect for gatherings, offices, or when you want to enjoy a pot of coffee over time.

Water Tank Sizes

In addition to the cup sizes mentioned above, it’s worth noting that different Keurig models come with varying water tank sizes. A larger water tank can offer convenience by reducing the frequency of refilling. However, it’s essential to consider your usage patterns and available space before selecting a machine with a larger tank.

Cup Sizes Of All Keurig Coffee Makers

1. Keurig K-Classic

The Keurig K-Classic supports three cup sizes: 6 oz., 8 oz., and 10 oz. This versatile model caters to different taste preferences and allows customization based on desired strength.

2. Keurig K-Mini & Keurig K-Mini Plus

Both the Keurig K-Mini and K-Mini Plus offer two cup sizes: 6 oz. and 8 oz. These compact models are designed for convenience and are suitable for single servings.

3. Keurig K-Express

The Keurig K-Express provides three cup size options: 6 oz., 8 oz., and 10 oz. This versatile and affordable machine offers flexibility in brewing preferences.

4. Keurig K-Express Essentials

Similar to the Keurig K-Express, the Keurig K-Express Essentials supports three cup sizes: 6 oz., 8 oz., and 10 oz. It’s an excellent option for those seeking a budget-friendly and straightforward coffee maker.

5. Keurig K-Elite

The Keurig K-Elite offers five cup sizes ranging from 4 oz. to 12 oz. With a broader range of choices, this model accommodates both small and large servings, catering to different preferences.

6. Keurig K-Slim

The Keurig K-Slim provides three cup size options: 8 oz., 10 oz., and 12 oz. Despite its slim profile, this model ensures you can enjoy your preferred cup size without compromise.

7. Keurig K-Select

The Keurig K-Select offers four cup sizes: 6 oz., 8 oz., 10 oz., and 12 oz. It allows users to brew the perfect cup based on their desired strength and serving size.

8. Keurig K-Supreme

The Keurig K-Supreme lets you brew cups ranging from 4 oz. to 12 oz. With a wide variety of options, it easily adapts to your specific coffee preferences.

9. Keurig K-Supreme Plus & K-Supreme Plus Smart

Both the K-Supreme Plus and K-Supreme Plus Smart support five cup sizes, spanning from 4 oz. to 12 oz. These models offer versatility and customization, ensuring you get your coffee just the way you like it.

10. Keurig K-Duo & K-Duo Plus

The Keurig K-Duo and K-Duo Plus include multiple cup size options for both single-serve and carafe brewing. The individual cup sizes range from 6 oz. to 12 oz., while the carafe can hold up to 60 oz. of coffee.

11. Keurig K-Cafe

The Keurig K-Cafe supports four cup sizes: 6 oz., 8 oz., 10 oz., and 12 oz. Additionally, this model features a built-in milk frother, allowing users to create delightful lattes and cappuccinos with their preferred cup size.

Which Keurig Has The Most Cup Sizes?

Among the various Keurig coffee makers, the Keurig K-Elite boasts the most cup size options. With five choices ranging from 4 oz. to 12 oz., this model offers the highest degree of flexibility when it comes to serving sizes.


What are the most common Keurig Brewing Sizes?

The most common Keurig brewing sizes are as follows:

  • 6 ounces: This is the smallest cup size, typically used for brewing espresso shots or stronger, more concentrated coffee.
  • 8 ounces: A standard cup size, suitable for regular coffee or tea.
  • 10 ounces: Slightly larger than the standard cup, providing a bolder flavor without sacrificing too much volume.
  • 12 ounces: Designed for those who prefer a larger cup of coffee or tea, offering a more substantial serving size.

Which Keurig Machines can brew full carafes at once?

The Keurig machines that can brew full carafes at once are part of the Keurig 2.0 series, specifically the Keurig K200, K300, K400, and K500 models. These machines are equipped with a carafe brewing option, allowing you to brew larger quantities of coffee for multiple servings.

Which Keurig Setting Is 8 Ounces?

The Keurig setting that corresponds to 8 ounces varies depending on the specific model. In most Keurig machines, the 8-ounce setting can be selected by choosing the “Medium” cup size option. However, it’s important to refer to the user manual or the control panel of your particular Keurig machine for precise instructions on selecting the 8-ounce setting.

How Many Cups Can I Brew With My Keurig Machine?

The number of cups you can brew with your Keurig machine depends on the water reservoir capacity and the cup sizes you choose. Keurig machines typically have water reservoirs ranging from 40 to 80 ounces.

Assuming an average cup size of 8 ounces, you can brew approximately 5 to 10 cups of coffee before needing to refill the water reservoir. However, if you prefer larger cup sizes or use the carafe brewing option, the number of cups you can brew will be lower.

Are Keurig Machines Worth It?

Whether Keurig machines are worth it depends on individual preferences and needs. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Convenience: Keurig machines offer unparalleled convenience, allowing you to brew a single cup of coffee quickly and easily without the need for grinding beans or measuring coffee grounds.
  2. Variety: Keurig offers an extensive range of coffee, tea, and other beverage options, providing a wide variety of flavors and choices to suit different preferences.
  3. Cost: While Keurig machines themselves are relatively affordable, the cost of individual K-Cup pods can add up over time, especially if you consume multiple cups of coffee daily. However, there are options available for using reusable pods or purchasing K-Cups in bulk to help manage costs.
  4. Environmental impact: The single-use nature of K-Cup pods has raised concerns about their environmental impact. However, Keurig has made efforts to introduce recyclable and compostable options, and reusable pods can be used to reduce waste.

Keurig Cup Sizes


Whether you prefer a quick shot of espresso or a full travel mug of your favorite blend, Keurig offers a range of cup sizes to suit your needs. Remember to experiment with different settings and flavors to discover your perfect cup of coffee.