Keurig Mini vs Slim: Which Is the Best Small K-Cup Coffee Maker?

If you’re looking for a small Keurig coffee maker, then you might have encountered the Keurig Mini vs Slim discussions. This is a classic case of not seeing the forest for the trees — I mean, all models are small, but there are many differences between the two.

Keurig Mini vs Slim: Similarities

The Keurig K-Mini and the Keurig K-Mini Plus are very similar in many ways. They both have a single cup capacity, they are both very easy to use, and they both make coffee and other beverages.

Pods or Grounds

There are two ways to get the coffee into your cup. You can either buy the pods (usually the more expensive option) or you can use your own grounds. The Keurig Mini and Keurig Slim both have K-cup pods, which allow you to brew one cup of coffee at a time. However, both support empty K-cup pods, so if you want to use your own grounds, you can do that instead.

Both also have reusable My K-Cup filters, which allow you to put your own grounds into the pod to brew one cup at a time with your own grounds.

Auto Off

Both the Keurig Mini and Keurig Slim have an Auto Off feature. This feature turns off the brewer after 2 hours of inactivity. The Auto Off feature is great for those who worry that they might forget to turn the brewer off before leaving their home or office.

The Auto Off feature is also handy for those who don’t want to risk being burned by a hot brewer in case they bump into it accidentally.

Removable Drip Trays

Keurig Mini and Keurig Slim both have removable drip trays. This allows you to be able to place a travel mug or larger coffee mug underneath the K-Cup pod holder. Even though both models have this feature, we found that it was easier to place the travel mug under the K-Cup pod holder on the Keurig Slim.

The placement of the drip tray on the Keurig Slim allowed for larger mugs to fit underneath. The Keurig Mini’s drip tray was somewhat smaller and didn’t allow for larger mugs to fit underneath easily. 

Single-Serve Brewing

The Keurig Mini and Slim are two similar models of personal drip brewing systems. One makes 6 ounces at a time; the other, 8 ounces. Here’s how to choose between them. Compact Coffee Makers The Keurig Mini and Slim are compact personal-size coffee makers made by Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. They brew single servings of coffee using sealed disposable plastic cups called K-Cups that contain ground coffee, tea or hot chocolate mix. The machines heat the water and inject it into the cups through a piercing needle, producing one cup of hot beverage at a time.

Unlike most models of Keurig coffee makers, which brew using pods called K-Pods that look like flat teabags, the Mini and Slim use the original K-Cup design. Because they’re so small and make only one cup at a time, these models are also known as single-serve brewers.

Keurig Slim

Keurig Mini vs Slim: Key Differences

The Keurig Mini and the Keurig Slim are both small, compact coffee makers. But there are some key differences between these two models that you should be aware of before you decide which one is right for you. Keurig Mini vs Slim: Key Differences There are a few key distinctions between the Keurig Mini and the Keurig Slim.

Water Tank Capacity

The water tank capacity of the Keurig Mini is 48 oz., which is pretty decent for such a small machine but does require you to refill it quite often if you intend to brew often. The Keurig Slim comes with a 60 oz. water tank, which means you’ll have to refill it less often.


The Keurig Mini measures 11.3” x 7.9” x 11.3” (L x W x H) and is just less than 10 lbs. in weight. It is a small machine and sits easily under most kitchen cabinets and can be carried around with ease as well. The Keurig Slim, on the other hand, is slightly taller, measuring 11.4” x 4.5” x 10.8” (L x W x H) and only about 5 lbs. in weight. Because of its dimensions, it is much more portable and can sit comfortably even on the smallest of shelves or tables or placed inside a cabinet without taking up much space at all.

Brew Size Options

The Keurig Mini only offers three brew size options: 6 oz., 8 oz., and 10 oz. This should be enough for most people, but those who want more flexibility should check out the Slim model, which offers four brew sizes: 4 oz., 6 oz., 8 oz., and 10 oz.

Heating Elements

The heating elements are one of the biggest differences between these two machines. The Keurig Mini features a single element at 1000W that can warm up your water in about two minutes. The Slim model has two heating elements, one at 500W and another at 1000W, which allows it to heat up faster than the Mini. In fact, it can heat up water in about 30 seconds! If you want a fast heating time and don’t mind paying extra for it, you should go with the Slim model.

Color Choices

  • The Keurig Mini is available in black, evergreen, red, gray, oasia and pink.
  • The Keurig Slim is available in black, red and white.


The price of these machines definitely reflects their utility. For example, the Keurig Mini costs about half as much as its larger counterpart, the Keurig Slim. This difference in price is largely due to the fact that the Mini can only brew 6 oz. cups.

Unique Features of Keurig Mini

Keurig Mini is a single-serve coffee maker. This means it can brew one cup of coffee at once, which is great for coffee connoisseurs who love to experiment with different flavors. You can choose from hundreds of coffee K-Cups or simply select your favorite blend and enjoy a single cup of freshly brewed coffee without any hassles. If you are looking to buy a single-serve coffee maker then Keurig Mini is the way to go.

The Keurig Mini brewing system has an easy to use “one touch” button so that you can brew a fresh cup of coffee in less than 2 minutes! The sleek design matches any kitchen décor, as it looks very stylish in any setting. It is also compact, making it perfect for kitchens with limited counter space. It comes in three different colors – black, white and red. The Keurig Mini comes with an auto shut-off feature to save energy when the brew cycle is complete. It also has a water filter handle which is designed to keep your water fresh and clean for up to 6 months! The Keurig Mini comes with a removable 48 ounce water reservoir that provides up to 5 cups of piping hot coffee per fill up.

The Keurig Mini is a smaller, lighter version of the popular Keurig K-Cup brewer. While regular Keurig brewers are big enough to make a full pot of coffee, the Mini can make only one cup at a time. However, the Mini has some features the larger brewers don’t. Here’s how it works: You fill the reservoir with water, then put in a K-Cup coffee pod (there are now over 400 varieties of coffee, tea, and hot cocoa). When you push the button on top of the machine, it brews your beverage and ejects the used pod into a little drawer underneath.

The Mini uses different pods than regular Keurigs. They’re called K-Cups instead of K-Carafe Pods, which are for larger brewers. If you’re looking for a machine to help you save money by making your own Starbucks Veranda Blend Grande Light Frappuccino Mocha Caramel Whipped Cream with Extra Espresso Shot (or whatever), this isn’t it. Each cup costs about 60 cents when purchased in bulk (these prices fluctuate quite a bit). On the other hand, if you’re brewing your own cup every morning instead of stopping at Starbucks, you’ll definitely save.

Unique Features of Keurig Slim

The Keurig Slim is a great option for anyone who needs an easy-to-use machine or wants to have just one machine for both ground coffee and k-cups.

It’s also particularly useful for anyone looking to brew both small and large amounts of coffee. While many Keurig machines are only capable of brewing sizes up to 12 ounces, the Keurig Slim allows you to choose between four or six ounces depending on your preference.

The Keurig Slim is a great option for someone who prefers light roast or single-origin coffee varieties that tend to be more expensive than traditional blends. The K-Cup Slim can brew all kinds of beverages, including tea and hot chocolate in addition to different types of coffee.

If you want an easy, affordable way to make a variety of beverages at home, the Keurig K-Cup Slim is a great choice.

Keurig Slim Vs Mini FAQ

Q: How does the Keurig Slim differ from the Mini?

The major difference is in their sizes. The Keurig Slim is a few inches taller than the Mini, and it is also wider by about two inches. In addition, while they both have a water reservoir of 48 ounces, the Slim has a taller and slimmer reservoir so it takes up less space on your countertop.

Q: Which is the Best Keurig for You?

The Keurig Slim and the Keurig Mini are each excellent single cup coffee makers. They both make terrific coffee, with little to no mess or hassle. They both offer a great deal of convenience and ease of use. But they do have some differences that might make one better than the other depending on your personal preferences and needs. And one just might be perfect for you.

Q: What is the smallest Keurig coffee maker?

The Keurig K15. The My K-Cup Mini Plus Brewer is only slightly larger, however. It’s not recommended as it lacks a water reservoir, and you have to add water every time you make coffee.

Q: What is the difference between Keurig Slim and Mini?

The main difference is that the Mini can brew 6-ounce cups of coffee and the Slim can brew up to 10-ounce cups. The Mini also does not include a removable drip tray.

Q: What is Keurig Single-serve Coffee Maker?

Single-serve: These make one cup at a time. The K-Cup is inserted into the machine, which heats water and then dispenses it through the K-Cup and into a mug. They’re often small enough to store on a countertop.

Q: How do K-Cups work?

K-Cups are essentially coffee pods made of plastic. They’re filled with fresh coffee beans, and sealed with a foil lid. When placed inside a Keurig machine, the machine punctures the K-Cup, pumps water through it to brew, and then discards the cup into a built-in trash bin.

Which Is The Best: The K-Slim, The K-Mini, Or The K-Mini Plus?

If you are wondering the K-Mini VS K-Mini Plus, Check here.

Comparisons K-Mini K-Slim K-Mini Plus
Serving Sizes 6-12 oz 8-12 oz 6-12 oz
Dimension 11.3 x 4.5 x 12.10 inches 18 x 15 x 8 inches 11.3 x 4.5 x 12.10 inches
Strong Brew Options No Yes Yes
Removable Water Reservoir No Yes Yes
Pod Storage No Yes Yes
Weight ~ 1 kg ~ 1 kg ~ 3 kg
Ratings 4.6 out of 5 stars 4.6 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5 stars

The End

Ultimately, the Keurig Mini and the Keurig Slim are two near-identical machines. They do offer a few unique features, but none of them will likely make a significant difference to your coffee-drinking experience. Overall, we think that the Keurig Slim is a bit better of a buy than the Keurig Mini for most people. However, if you like your coffee super hot, fast, or want something that looks more impressive on your counter, then the Keurig Mini is probably better. It all just depends on what you’re looking for in a small coffee maker.