What pods does the Keurig Mini use and the best flavor is?

The Keurig Mini pods, usually are the K-Cup pods. These are made by numerous different companies, but the most popular ones are Starbucks, Green Mountain, and McDonald’s. The pods will hold 7.25 fl oz of liquid, which is more than twice that of the original Keurig brewers. In total there are 36 K-Cup brands (which is far less than the 700+ regular K-Cup brands). Pod flavors vary from Folgers coffee and Maxwell House to hot cocoa and chai latte.

What pods does the Keurig Mini use?

The Keurig® MINI Plus Brewing System brews a perfect cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa or iced beverage in under two minutes at the touch of a button. With the choice of three cup sizes, the MINI Plus brewer offers a removable drip tray to accommodate travel mugs. The Keurig Mini is compatible with all K-Cup pods and other unlicensed single-serve packs, including disposable soft pods.

Keurig has its own line of pods called K-cups. Those are the only ones available. You cannot use pods from other manufacturers and you can not use your own coffee grounds. The Keurig Mini will only work with K-cup pods. There are a few styles of K-cups.

  • Single cups – these contain a single serving of coffee, tea or hot chocolate and are used in the Keurig Mini
  • Multi-cups – these contain two servings; you can use them in a K10 or larger Keurig brewer
  • Vue cups – These are used in the new Vue brewers. They have more room for coffee grounds and are meant to be stronger than the regular K-cups
  • Rivo cups – These are for the new Rivo system that is designed to brew espresso drinks There is no way to get more flavor choices for your Keurig Mini.

Different Pods Flavors for Keurig Mini

The Keurig Mini uses K-Cups, which are a proprietary design by Keurig. The K-Cup is a small plastic pod that contains coffee grounds along with a paper filter. The pods are placed into the Keurig and hot water is forced through them to make your coffee. The Keurig Mini can use any type of K-Cup. There are currently over 200 flavors available from over 60 brands including Starbucks, Folgers, Maxwell House, Caribou Coffee, Diedrich Coffee and many more. The K-Cups also come in both regular and decaf versions for those who are sensitive to caffeine.

The Keurig Mini uses the same pods as a normal Keurig. The Mini does not allow you to brew a full size cup of coffee, only 8 oz., 10 oz., or 12 oz. cups. There are several flavors available for the Keurig Mini. For that matter, there are over 200 flavors available for the standard Keurig machines.

The list of flavors changes from time to time, but here is a sampling of what you can find: Original Donut Shop (K-Cup) Folger’s Classic Roast (K-Cup) Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend Decaf (K-Cup) Starbucks Pike Place Roast (K-Cup) Twinings Chai Latte Tea K-Cups Van Houtte French Vanilla (K-Cup).

Keurig Mini Tea Pods

Keurig Mini Tea Pods

Keurig Mini Tea Pods are perfect for people who enjoy a cup of tea on the go, but who don’t want to take up all of their counter space with a big brewing machine. These little pods are small enough to fit in your handbag or work bag, and they’re compact enough to fit in any cupboard or drawer. If you love green, black or herbal teas, these pods are easy and convenient.

Each Keurig Mini Tea Pod contains no more than 2 grams of tea leaves and is made from 100 percent recyclable materials that are fully biodegradable. The teas come in a delightful array of flavors including English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Chamomile Citrus Mint and Jasmine Coconut Green. Each box contains 20 pods which can be used with any Keurig 2.0 brewer that takes mini cups or K-Cups®.

Keurig Mini Tea Pods are available in many different flavors, including:

  • Chai Latte
  • Green Tea
  • Earl Grey
  • Darjeeling Black Tea

Keurig Mini Hot Chocolate Pods

Keurig Mini Hot Chocolate Pods

Keurig Mini Hot Chocolate Pods are a convenient way to make a cup of hot chocolate in less than a minute. This pack of 48 pods contains three boxes of 12 pods each, so you can enjoy a variety of flavors and seasonal varieties. The pods are compatible with any Keurig brewing system, including the K-Mini Plus, K-Mini and 2.0 brewing systems. They’re also compatible with most other single serve brewers, such as Tassimo, Nespresso and Senseo.

The pods feature an easy-to-use design that makes them simple to use and cleanup. Each pod is sealed with a foil lid, which keeps them fresh until you’re ready to use them. To brew your hot chocolate in just seconds, simply place one pod into your machine’s water reservoir and press the brew button on your machine’s control panel or touchscreen display screen.

Reusable Keurig Mini Pods

Reusable Keurig Mini Pods

Reusable Keurig Mini Pods are a great way to save money and reduce waste. They are also great for traveling and camping! Reusable keurig pods are also known as k-cup replicas or refillable k-cup alternatives. Simply put, these reusable coffee pods work just like the disposable ones but you can use them again and again!

The best part is that they are so easy to use! All you have to do is insert your favorite coffee grounds into the pod, put it in your Keurig machine and brew away! No more wasted money on expensive coffee pods!

The reusable Keurig mini pods are a great way to cut down on waste and save money at the same time. You can grind your own coffee beans or use ground coffee with these reusable pods. They are made of plastic and they fit the Keurig 2.0, 1.0 and Classic models.

You can find them on Amazon here: Reusable K-Cups (for Keurig 2.0).

Where to Buy Pods for The Keurig Mini Coffee Maker?

There are several places where you can buy pods for the Keurig Mini Coffee Maker. The most popular place is, of course, online. Buying online allows you to shop in the comfort of your own home and often times will provide better prices than buying in stores. Amazon.com has a great selection of Keurig coffee makers and also has a great selection of coffee pods. Another place where you can buy pods for the Keurig Mini Coffee Maker is your local grocery store or department store. You may not have as wide of a selection, but they are worth checking out if you are in the area.

Keurig Mini Plus Pods

Most K-Cup® pods are designed to be used with Keurig® Classic Series and Plus Series brewers. These include: Keurig® K55 Keurig® K60/K65 Special Edition & Signature Brewers Keurig® K70/K75 Platinum Brewers Keurig® K45 Elite Brewer Keurig® K40/K45 Classic Brewer Keurig® B40/B45 Elite Brewer Keurig® B60 Special Edition Gourmet Single Cup Home Brewing System Keurig® B50 Ultra Elite Gourmet Single Cup Home Brewing System The Keurig® Mini Plus is compatible with K-Cup®, Vue®, and Rivo® pods. The Keurig MINI Plus uses the same design as the Keurig K10 Mini, which is a single cup brewing system, but it has been enhanced to include new features such as a removable drip tray.

The Keurig Mini Plus Pods are compatible with all Keurig 2.0 brewers. Each box contains 24 pods, which is enough to last you several months depending on how often you use them. Keurig Mini Plus Pods can be found at most grocery stores and convenience stores around the country. If you don’t see them in your local store, ask an employee if they can order some for you. Keurig Mini Plus Pods are available in a variety of coffees, teas and hot chocolates. There are also many flavors of hot cocoas and other hot drinks that you can brew with these pods. You can even use them to make your own iced tea or iced coffee!


The Keurig Mini brews K-Cup pods, the same single-serve coffee pod that the rest of the Keurig line brews. Flavors and brands are constantly changing, but it is safe to say that you can order any brand or flavor of K-Cup from Amazon (or other retailers) and they will work with your machine. There may be a slight learning curve while you learn which pods will work in your brewer, but this is a small inconvenience compared to the wealth of options available to you if you choose to go with a K-Cup machine.